Q. What is the premise of the game?

  • Scientists were secretly working in the San Francisco Mint trying to formulate a vaccine to cure the virus before the building was overrun by zombies. The scientists hid their data in checkpoints throughout the Mint before escaping.
  • The US military needs volunteers to find these checkpoints and retrieve the data for the vaccine. They will provide you with a device to wear on your arm that records all the checkpoints and data you find while monitoring your exposure to the zombue virus.
  • The military restrained all the zombies as best as they could. If a zombie comes within 3 feet of you, they can infect you and take away your life force. You need to finish the game with as much life force as possible.

Q. How do we accomplish this?

  • The building is divided into 6 sectors, each containing up to 2 checkpoints that the miliary believes contain the data for the zombie vaccine.
  • You will work together in a team of 8 people to search the sectors, find the checkpoints, and unlock them to extract the hidden data.
  • Like in escape rooms, many checkpoints have an associated puzzle that you need to solve in order to obtain access.
  • You team goal is to have each player to find and unlock as many checkpoints as possible while preserving their life force by not getting infected by a zombie.
  • You will have a limited amount of time in each sector to achieve this goal.
  • If you unlock and check into enough checkpoints, you solve the formula for the vaccine and become a doctor.
  • In the final debriefing room, your devices will be scanned for a final team score.

Q. What are the rules?

  1. You CANNOT touch zombies or other players or you will be ejected from the game without a refund. This is not a contact sport!
  2. You MUST NOT cover or try to hide your device in any way. This is considered cheating and you will be disqualified and be asked to leave the game play.
  3. You MUST have fun!

Q. When can I arrive?
A. The SF Mint opens at 6:30pm. You may enter the attraction anytime between 6:30pm and 9:30pm. Access to the Morbid Midway rooms is included with your ticket and you can visit these rooms before or after your Apocalypse experience. (Note: the Gold Bar is 21+ only)

Q. What if I have questions not answered here?
A. Email your questions to info@intothedarksf.com