A horrible Zombie virus has wiped out millions and continues to devastate the Bay Area. Desperate to save millions of innocent lives, the U.S. Department of Zombie Virus Outbreak Containment (ZVOC) has been working at The San Francisco Mint to find a cure for this terrifying disease. Tragically, the research clinic was overwhelmed by a zombie horde and is now an infected hot spot, or Dead Zone. 

ZVOC is calling on all local citizens to head into this Dead Zone and recover infected zombie brains and other valuable research data to continue the work for a cure at other facilities. Your mission is to enter the Dead Zone and survive 4 games of increasing complexity: find the research, grab the infected brains, and avoid the zombies lurking in the shadows. Don’t get bit! If you do, you’ll have precious seconds to live unless you find a healing station. We need your help — join the team today!