Immersive Attractions at The San Francisco Mint

Into The Dark Returns with Exciting New Halloween Frights

Terror Vault 2018 set the standard for a horror attraction in San Francisco. Building on our sold-out success, we are really stepping it up in 2019 with additional offerings.

Take a forty-five-minute immersive tour of the historic San Francisco Mint building and confront the despicable horrors that plague its secret prison.

Work in teams to help save humanity. Navigate the labyrinth of zombie-infested rooms, solve puzzles to find the hidden vaccine, escape, and SURVIVE!

Enjoy the Morbid Midway attractions at your own pace. Eat, drink, play pinball games, get your fortune told, shop, and capture it all on Instagram.


BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR ~~ Let the producers, Joshua Grannell (aka "Peaches Christ") and David Flower, take you behind the scenes to discover what Terror Vault looks like with the lights on. Find out how it's all put together, learn secrets of the trade, and see what the sets and props look like up close. Includes a lights-on tour of the show itself, plus behind-the-scenes spaces and the actors’ dressing rooms. Offered only on select Sundays.

"Terror Vault at the Old Mint Is Legitimately Freaking Terrifying."
  ~~SF Weekly

"Be advised, what happens at the Terror Vault doesn’t stay at the Terror Vault. It follows you home to your nightmares, mostly because it gets you directly involved in the action."
  ~~The Mercury News

"Terror Vault assaults the haunt goer with an unpredictable mix of traditional haunted house walk through elements, escape rooms and theatre to create something that is wholly unique in the Bay Area."

"I did not survive the Terror Vault. I bailed out of there so fast because I was terrified!"
  ~~Betty Yu, KPIX 5