Choose Fright or Delight

Make this the best Halloween ever!


Tour the Terror Vault

Take a forty-five-minute tour of the historic San Francisco Mint building and come face to face with the despicable horrors that plague this secret prison. Opt-in and consent to a more interactive experience where the terror becomes more personal! This ticket includes Midway access.


Survive the Apocalypse

Part escape room, part laser-tag, all fun. Work in teams to help save humanity. Navigate the labyrinth of zombie-infested rooms, solve puzzles to find the hidden vaccine, and escape with your life before your time runs out. This ticket includes Midway access.

Get Midway Access

Enter the San Francisco Mint to enjoy all Into The Dark has to offer without purchasing tickets to other attractions. Eat, drink, play, shop — and take advantage of the many Instagram opportunities.

Go Behind the Scenes

Let the producers, Joshua Grannell (aka "Peaches Christ") and David Flower, take you behind the scenes to discover what the Terror Vault looks like with the lights on. View the props, sets, dressing rooms, and more. It’s the big reveal!