Terror Vault

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a walk-through haunted house?
A. Yes and no. This is a fully theatrical, immersive haunted show. It has a complete storyline combining elements of theater, 4D effects, and haunted mazes. Expect the unexpected!

Q. What do you mean by immersive?
A. You will be placed in the action as a participant in this twisted tale of horror. More than the 4th wall gets broken here. As in any theatrical production, there is NO cell phone use and NO talking unless encouraged by an actor. If you disrupt or disturb the experience, you will be swiftly removed without a refund. However, screaming is acceptable… and inevitable.

Q. Will the actors touch me?
A. That’s up to you! Do you want to be a passive participant and watch the action happen around you — or do you want the adrenaline rush of being part of the action? At the start of the experience you will be asked to choose to OPT IN or OPT OUT for interactivity. If you choose to OPT IN you will receive a neon glow necklace to wear that lets our staff know you're ready for action. You may OPT OUT at any point during the show by simply taking off the necklace and throwing it to the floor. Those who dare to OPT IN for interactivity should be prepared to be shocked, thrilled, and amazed. If you are someone who likes to "choose your own adventure”, we recommend you OPT IN.

Q. How long is the experience? How many people in a group?
A. It takes a minimum of 45 minutes from start to finish. The show starts at intervals of approximately 5 minutes. We limit the groups to 10 people. If you don’t want to be placed with strangers, we suggest getting 10 people together for a complete group. When you arrive, we let us know you are all together and we will accommodate you.

Q. When should I arrive?
A. We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before the check-in time on your ticket. This will give you time to relax, get a drink at the bar, and explore the Midway before starting the experience. If you arrive late for your check-in time, you might not be able to see the show.

Q. Are there any warnings or rules I need to be aware of?
A. There are fog machines, strobe lights, and special effects in use. We use live actors, moving and non-moving props. Props, actors, and effects might confuse and disorient you. We have security cameras everywhere in the attraction both for your protection and ours. We also ask you to adhere to these rules:

  • No cell phone use allowed. You will be asked to leave if caught using one.
  • No talking unless you are engaged in conversation with an actor.
  • No touching the actors unless they encourage or ask you to do so.
  • No foul language or bad behavior will be tolerated and are grounds for ejection, at our discretion.
  • No smoking at any time.
  • If you are asked to leave by our security team, there are no refunds.

Q. How do I get tickets?
A. Go to Into The Dark @ showclix to buy tickets online. We suggest buying them in advance, so you don’t get locked out of a certain day or time. Any unsold tickets per time slot will be sold at the gate that night, as available. If, for any reason, you need to exit before you finish, you will not get a refund or another ticket to return. There are NO refunds and NO exchanges..

Q. What should I wear?
A. Wear comfortable clothes that you can walk or climb stairs in. Please no high heels, masks, backpacks, or personal items that have value to you. Leave all personal items (phones, wallets. etc.) in the coat check. We are not responsible for clothing or personal items that get lost or damaged.

Q. What is the age range for this attraction?
A. The show is open to those 21+ on Friday and Saturday. Folks 18+ are welcome all other nights EXCEPT Friday and Saturday.

Q. Is there food or drink at the venue?
A. The Gold Bar will be serving alcohol and Madame Zola’s Cafe will be serving food. Both are located in the Midway at the Mint.

Q. Is there parking?
A. There is no parking at the venue. However, there are several public parking lots in and around Fifth Street and Mission.

Q. What if I have questions not answered here?
A. Email your questions to info@intothedarksf.com